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  • The Perfect Sukkah For You
    Our custom sukkah structures are designed to satisfy your individual preferences. You can choose from a freestanding sukkah that can be assembled quickly or a permanent structure that could be attached to your home as a year-round, such as a pergola.
    Since 2003, Luxury Sukkahs has been providing a top-quality sukkah at the most competitive price. Offering the perfect sukkah for your family, built to your specifications. At Luxury Sukkahs, we offer an impressive line-up - sukkah after sukkah will surely impress. We work with an array of materials which can be customized to fit any home.
    Incredibly modern
    We offer an array of options which allow us to have one of the most advanced collections of sukkahs on the market. From the towering Diamond Edition utilizes the most luxurious materials to create a sparkling handcrafted sukkah that you never imagined possible. This sukkah, which can be built up to twelve feet in height, is built to your specifications using the highest quality construction components and is bound to make a statement in your neighbourhood.


    The Crystal Edition utilizes sturdy lightweight materials to create an elegant finished product offering a lovely unobstructed view of your outdoor surroundings. This sukkah is built to your specifications using quality construction components and will bring you memories for years to come.


    The Classic sukkah is a perfect solution for - budget conscious, first-time sukkah owners and those looking for a traditional family experience. Our traditional or classic sukkah consist of high materials but aim to satisfy a tight budget but maintaining a look which is unsurpassed.

    All of our sukkahs offer impressive features which are known to be the most durable and reliable sukkahs on the market today. Each sukkah is made of premium materials and our clients can choose their own construction materials. All of the sukkahs that we manufacture can withstand extreme weather conditions and have higher wind-resistance as compared to any other sukkah in the industry today.
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