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  • Pergolas and Other Garden Structures
    Luxury Sukkahs decks and pergolas are designed to your specifications. Our expert team of designers and tradesmen create the perfect plan for you. We work with you to decide on the perfect materials for your home. You can choose from pressure treated, composite, cedar and exotic high-end woods, with finishes which are unrivalled. We offer 3D drawings and construction techniques which utilize the high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making your dream pergolas into reality. Our objective is to exceed your expectation for years to come.
    Why Build a Custom Pergola

    Pergolas serve as a wonderful enhancement to any home.

    • In addition to simplifying your sukkah build each year, pergolas provide:

    • Fantastic shade and a unique visual appeal.

    • Structures can add definition to your backyard landscape, offering a wonderful new space during the summer.
    • A well-planned pergola can provide you with just the right amount of privacy.
    • Additional garden space in your outdoor area.

    • Protection and shade from the harmful elements.
    • Add value to your house – According to property experts, the pergola can add 5 - 10% to your house value for a very minimal price.

    • Simply put, a pergola provides a lovely structure which makes your backyard more appealing.

    We have been building outdoor garden structures for almost 15 years. In 2003, our services began in Toronto, Canada and now include an expansive market which includes much of the American East Coast. We have also completed projects across Israel.
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